Orange County Criminal Defense: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FreQuently Asked Questions

Why do I need an attorney?

Any type of criminal conviction may mean that you will be sentenced to prison or experience the many other penalties associated with a conviction. Without an attorney at your side, you will have no one to protect your rights and ensure that you are given due process of the law. Otherwise, even an innocent person could be convicted for a crime that he or she did not commit. That is why an Orange County defense attorney is so important.

What kind of services does a criminal attorney provide?

An attorney provides legal advice, counsel and representation at every point of a criminal process. This includes during police questioning, during investigations conducted by law enforcement personnel, before charges are filed, an arrest, and every point during the actual court process (including the trial, sentence, appeal and expungement of a case.)

When should a defense lawyer become involved in defending a criminal case?

A lawyer should become involved in defending your case as soon as possible, even before any charges have been formally filed. The reason for this is that a lawyer will only be more effective the earlier he or she is involved – by beginning negotiations with prosecuting attorneys and defending the client’s rights from the very beginning.

Will the state appoint a lawyer if I cannot afford one?

Yes, you are entitled to a state-appointed lawyer if you cannot hire one yourself. However, with our available payment plans and reasonable rates, working with an Orange County criminal defense lawyer at Orange County Criminal Attorney is often a better option – as a private attorney is usually able to provide more dedicated defense services than an overworked or inexperienced state-appointed criminal defense lawyer.

What are some penalties I might face for a crime?

There are many penalties that may be associated with any crime in California. Depending upon the type of offense, the offender’s prior criminal record and a number of other variables, the sentences for a criminal offense in Orange County may include the following:

  • County Jail Sentence
  • State Prison Sentence
  • Federal Prison Sentence
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Court Fees
  • Community Service
  • Probation (Formal or Informal)
  • Court-Ordered Counseling
  • Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Driver’s License Suspension or Revocation

At Orange County Criminal Attorney, our Orange County criminal lawyers defend clients facing a variety of criminal charges. Some of the cases we handle include: theft crimes, DUI defense, sex crimes, drug crimes, assault and battery cases and traffic offenses. We offer a free case evaluation to see how a lawyer at our firm may be able to assist you. Our firm handles cases throughout all of Orange County, including Newport Beach, Westminster, Fullerton, Santa Ana and Laguna Niguel.

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