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The Orange County criminal attorneys and lawyers at Coffey & Coffey are ready to give you a free case evaluation regarding your criminal case. While an attorney at our firm can answer any questions you have during your initial consultation, we have included resources and helpful links on this page which we hope you find helpful. We believe it is important to gather as much information as possible regarding a topic in order to be better prepared and the links below are to applicable websites which you may find valuable.

Orange County Criminal Defense Resources

Orange County, California
Cities in Orange County, CA
Orange, California
Orange County Superior Court: Juvenile Justice Commission
Orange County Superior Court: Traffic Offenses
Criminal Courts in Orange County
Orange County District Attorney
Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Orange County: Most Wanted Criminals

Coffey & Coffey: Orange County Defense Lawyers

At Coffey & Coffey, we have several other websites which target particular areas of criminal defense that our attorneys handle. Our partner websites are also linked below which include those from other cities and states. Bear in mind that Coffey & Coffey does not endorse these attorneys, but rather are proiding them for informational purposes as it relates to criminal defense law.

Areas of Practice: Orange County Criminal Defense

Following are some of the areas of practice which are covered on this website. As Orange County criminal defense lawyers, we are committed to helping clients who are facing charges or an investigation in any of the following areas, and more:

Assault & Battery
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
DUI Defense
Murder / Manslaughter
Probation Violations
Sex Crimes
Theft Crimes
Traffic Offenses

Additionally, our lawyers handle situations for clients in the following areas:

Bench Warrants
Restraining Orders

At Coffey & Coffey, our Orange County attorneys handle cases throughout the entire County of Orange, including the cities of Fullerton, Westminster, Santa Ana, Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel. Contact an Orange County defense lawyer at our firm today!