Orange County Theft Crime Lawyers

Theft Defense Attorneys in Orange County, California

The term “theft crime” can encompass a large number of criminal offenses, all of which may be serious and result in severe penalties. The Orange County theft crime defense attorneys and lawyers at Coffey & Coffey handle all types of theft crime cases throughout Westminster, Fullerton, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach and Santa Ana, including:

  • Petty theft / grand theft
  • Grand theft auto (auto theft)
  • Carjacking
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting
  • Fraud crimes
    • Accounting fraud
    • Bank fraud
    • Credit card fraud
    • Government fraud
    • Wire fraud
    • Investment fraud
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Mail fraud
    • Organized fraud
  • Embezzlement

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Penalties for these crimes range from community service or counseling to years in state prison. By working with a competent Orange County defense lawyer or attorney, an individual who has been accused of theft can help ensure that he or she does not receive maximum penalties. At the very least, a skilled and aggressive attorney may be able to have penalties reduced. In the right circumstances, an attorney may be able to secure an acquittal or a dismissal of charges before a case even goes to court.

Attorneys Defending Theft Crime Charges throughout Orange County

At Coffey & Coffey, our attorneys believe in our clients’ innocence. When we take on a new theft crime case, we defend it to the utmost of our abilities and fight to protect our clients’ rights and maintain their innocence – even in the face of overwhelming evidence or witness testimony. By fully applying ourselves to our clients’ defense, we are able to develop innovative and effective plans of action that have the greatest likelihood of being successful in court.

Whether an individual is charged with a lesser theft crime such as shoplifting, or a serious theft crime such as robbery or burglary, it is always important to consult an Orange County criminal lawyer as soon as possible. At Coffey & Coffey, our lawyers offer a free case evaluation to determine what can be done about your theft charges.

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