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Restraining orders are often issued in cases of domestic violence, harassment and stalking. If you have been served a restraining order, you may be prohibited from coming into contact with the alleged victim – meaning you cannot approach their home or place of employment. You may also be required to move out of your home, if you share it with the victim, even if you are paying the rent or mortgage.

Consulting an Orange County criminal defense lawyer or attorney is the only way that you will have a chance to have the restraining order lifted. Coffey & Coffey is a well-established criminal defense law firm located in Newport Beach, California. Our attorneys handle cases throughout all of Orange County, including Newport Beach, Westminster, Fullerton, Santa Ana and Laguna Niguel. Additionally, we offer a free case evaluation with a lawyer at our firm to see how we may be able to work to have your restraining order lifted.

Fighting Restraining Orders in Orange County

When an individual is served a restraining order, he or she will also receive a form which is an Answer to a Temporary Restraining Order. This form enables the person to file a response to the accusations in the restraining order. While a person who has been served a restraining order is not required to work with a lawyer, this is usually the only way they have hope of successfully fighting a restraining order – and having it lifted.

There are time constraints involved as well, particularly given the fact that the sooner an attorney gets involved, the better. By consulting an Orange County defense attorney or lawyer as soon as one has been served notice of a restraining order, the attorney can begin building a case in their favor. This includes preparation and filing the Answer to a Temporary Restraining Order within 10 to 20 days before the hearing which is held regarding the restraining order.

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