Orange County Probation Violation Defense Lawyers

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An individual accused of violating probation faces difficult times ahead. As a person who has already been convicted for a criminal act, an individual facing probation violation charges also may face prejudice from law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney regarding their guilt.

At these times, the importance of a skilled Orange County defense lawyer is all the more evident. At Coffey & Coffey, our Orange County criminal defense attorneys and lawyers are familiar with defending individuals who have been accused of or arrested for violating probation. Even if the accusations are serious and the odds seem stacked against you, an attorney at our firm may still be able to help. We welcome you to contact an attorney at our offices for a free case evaluation.

Orange County Probation Violation Proceedings

Probation violation court proceedings are somewhat different than regular criminal court proceedings. For instance, there is no jury present during the review of a probation violation. The judge will be the sole decision maker in regards to guilt or innocence, based upon a preponderance of guilt proved by the prosecuting attorney. Unlike a typical criminal trial, the prosecuting attorney need only prove that the probation violation more than likely occurred (in contrast to proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt).

An Orange County defense lawyer at Coffey & Coffey will understand the court process exactly as it applies to probation violations, using this knowledge to your benefit as we defend you against these accusations and charges. You may be facing a jail or prison sentence, extension of your probation, community service, counseling and other penalties. Let an experienced lawyer guide you through probation violation proceedings, all the while protecting your rights and future.

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