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Record Clearance Attorneys in Orange County, California

Having one’s criminal record cleared or sealed can bring peace of mind. It will also mean that an individual will be able to honestly say “no” when asked whether they have a criminal record – on job applications, in interviews and for other reasons. Having a criminal record can easily ruin many employment opportunities as well as financial and professional prospects.

An Orange County expungement lawyer or attorney at Coffey & Coffey may be able to help you clear your criminal record. There are certain factors that a lawyer must take into account when determining whether a client may qualify for expungement. This includes ensuring the individual has completed all aspects of his or her probation and sentence, has not been arrested in the meantime and has a clean record. There are other factors which must be reviewed. The Orange County criminal defense attorneys and lawyers at our firm offer a free case evaluation to those who are considering expungement.

Even if you have a serious felony conviction on your record, an Orange County criminal attorney at our firm may be able to work to have this offense reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged. There are always options, and an attorney at Coffey & Coffey can help you understand just what these are. Our attorneys handle expungements throughout Westminster, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Fullerton.

Criminal Record? Consult an Orange County Expungement Attorney at Coffey & Coffey!

If a criminal record has been keeping you from the opportunities that you otherwise would enjoy, a consultation with an Orange County criminal attorney at Coffey & Coffey may be the answer you have been looking for. If we are able to help you with your record expungement, you can enjoy your life again with a clean slate – free from a public criminal record.

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