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Defending Drug Charges in Orange County, California

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Possessing, selling, cultivating or manufacturing illegal drugs is a serious criminal offense which may involve State or Federal charges. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) often works with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and other local law enforcement agencies to handle cases involving drugs, and media and political attention have kept drug enforcement a top priority in California. Because of its large number of international airports and seaports as well as shared border with Mexico, California has seen its fair share of drug crime – both in the terms of internationally imported drugs and those created within the state itself.

Orange County Drug Crime Defenses

An aggressive and skilled Orange County criminal attorney may be able to use one of many potential defenses when working with for a client who is facing any type of drug crime charge. One such defense which may often come into play is that of an illegal search and seizure. When law enforcement does not have a legal search warrant or does not have probable cause to search a person and/or his property (including his vehicle), the drug evidence they collect may be inadmissible in court. It is up to an Orange County defense attorney to determine whether his or her client’s charges have been based upon evidence collected in an illegal search and seizure.

By becoming involved in a case early in the process, a defense lawyer can make the biggest impact. Particularly in the case of Federal drug crime charges, the DEA or FBI may conduct a long and thorough investigation into a particular suspect. A lawyer’s early intervention in these cases may serve to avoid the chance of formal drug charges being filed at all – helping a client to avoid the entire criminal court process through prevention and early intervention.

At Coffey & Coffey, our Orange County drug crimes defense attorneys and lawyers take on all types of drug charges, including possession, sale, distribution, trafficking, cultivation, manufacturing, import/export, Federal drug crime charges and prescription drugs crimes. Our lawyers handle cases throughout Newport Beach, Fullerton, Westminster, Santa Ana, Laguna Niguel and the surrounding cities in Orange County.

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