Orange County Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Physical, Emotional and Sexual Spousal & Child Abuse Defense Attorneys in California

Domestic violence is a serious accusation that will most likely result in criminal charges. California domestic violence cases are particularly tricky because it is not always the alleged victim’s choice of whether to press charges. Even when the alleged victim does not want to file charges, it will be entirely in the hands of the prosecuting attorney to make the decision of whether to pursue a criminal case.

An Orange County criminal lawyer at Coffey & Coffey can give you a free case evaluation regarding your domestic violence charges. By consulting a lawyer at our firm as soon as possible, we can get to work and investigate the circumstances of the original accusation or police call and find ways that we may be able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney so no formal charges are filed. When our defense lawyers are involved early enough, this is a real possibility in some cases. The time, expense and damage to your reputation that will be saved from early intervention by a skilled attorney at Coffey & Coffey are immense.

Additionally, the Orange County defense attorneys at Coffey & Coffey can help an individual accused of domestic violence that has had a restraining order filed against him or her. With the help of an attorney at our firm, we may be able to get this restraining order lifted so you can go home and get back into contact with your family. Some of the areas of practice our defense lawyers handle include:

  • Restraining orders
  • Orders of protection
  • Child abuse
  • Spousal abuse
  • Domestic violence

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Orange County Domestic Violence Charges

When a person is convicted of the criminal act of domestic violence in Orange County, he or she will face severe penalties. Domestic violence, depending upon the circumstances, may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony offense. When charged as a felony, the penalties include:

  • Up to 4 years in state prison
  • A fine of up to $6,000
  • Domestic violence against a child will involve a state prison sentence of up to 6 years, along with fines.

Domestic violence itself occurs when a person physically, sexually or emotionally abuses another person – a spouse, ex-spouse, cohabitant, family member, girlfriend or boyfriend. Spousal abuse, spousal rape, child abuse, elder abuse, neglect and child endangerment are all forms of domestic violence and will carry steep penalties for an individual convicted of these acts.

Contact an Orange County domestic violence defense lawyer at Coffey & Coffey to see how we can defend your case and help you avoid the harsh penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction!